Age of Kings: Skyward Battle

Version: 3.8.0
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: Elex
Updated: 18-02-2021, 14:33
(53 votes)
Age of Kings: Skyward Battle is a fabulously beautiful strategy about warriors from mythical stories. Gather a team of amazing heroes, pump their skills, abilities and talents to take up the defense of your state. The world map is huge, you can explore it endlessly and capture new territories every time, and with them all the resources. Engage in the construction of the castle, train the best warriors and develop your troops. To win, players need not only the army and its heroes, but also a great fleet. Flying ships pose the most serious threat to the enemy army, in order to collect the best ship, you will have to search for objects around the world.
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