Opera browser with a free VPN

Version: 63.3.3216.58675
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Apps / Communication
Google Play: Open
Developer: Opera
Updated: 22-05-2021, 17:50
(192 votes)
Opera browser with a free VPN is an effective and secure browser that has a built-in VPN service. You can use it absolutely free of charge, a very useful browser that will not cause problems. The ad blocker does an excellent job, and large page loads will be accelerated. Built-in VPN works without time limits and will be able to maintain your privacy.

This browser has a personalized news feed for each user. Also, for comfort in design, you can turn on night mode and add your passwords to all systems so that you do not have to enter them manually a hundred times.

Download Opera browser with a free VPN for Android free