Taximeter - working as a taxi driver

Version: 9.87
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Яндекс
Updated: 20-07-2021, 20:25
(266 votes)
Taximeter - working as a taxi driver - an application that will help you become an independent taxi driver and make money. It will not be difficult to deal with him, you just need to run the program and choose how you will work. You can do this through the official taxi fleet or on your own. The first option will pay you daily, you just have to leave a card for transfers. No schedule is needed, each driver chooses the time at which it will be more convenient for him to work. Yandex will find the passengers and show all available orders, it remains only to choose and keep the course to the goal. This is the first such effective and useful application.

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  1. yruwbcbc22
    yruwbcbc22 7 November 2020 13:32
    Посоветовал своему знакомому таксисту скачать Таксометр — работа водителем в такси. Через несколько дней его встретил и поинтересовался, понравилась ли ему программа, на что он ответил очень даже удобно, главное разобраться