Version: 6.0.48_ww
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Apps / Tools
Google Play: Open
Updated: 13-06-2021, 10:38
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SHAREit is a unique application for transferring files between different gadgets and computers at a short distance. Several hundred million people have already tested the program and are positively responding to it.

The program’s capabilities are constantly increasing and developing, its functionality is being finalized and regular updates are being released. Available features of the SHAREit application today include:
lack of network restrictions - no network connection is required to transmit information;
transfer speed - files are transferred up to 200 times faster than via Bluetooth;
acceptable devices - smartphones, tablets and personal computers are supported;
permissible types of files - you can transfer most of the known configurations of file systems for processing photos, videos, music and applications;
convenience of operations - the process of transmitting information includes only the procedure for communication with the subscriber and receiving the file, excluding unnecessary actions;
remote viewing - you can view information from the gadget on a computer screen without transferring data.

These are not all the features of the SHAREit application, but they are enough to explain its wild popularity. Using it, sharing photos and videos with friends has become even easier and faster. Anyone can now manipulate the information contained on his various mobile gadgets much more conveniently. The development of technology does not stand still, and new features are constantly being added to the application, which makes the prospects for its development practically unlimited. The speed of electronic information exchange in modern society is becoming faster, which significantly affects most aspects of the life of a modern person.

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