SpongeBob: The Culinary Duel

Version: 1.0.38
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Casual
Google Play: Open
Developer: Tilting Point
Updated: 6-05-2021, 15:30
(171 votes)
SpongeBob: Culinary Duel - the long-awaited cooking game about the funniest cartoon hero. Square pants gets down to business and begins to cook a lot of crabsburgers. Earn as much money as possible by working for Mr. Krabs and expand your business empire. Fun gameplay and gameplay that many will enjoy. Many were waiting for this culinary game, and now it's time to test yourself in its main role. A dynamic and incredibly fun gameplay in which you can see all the famous cartoon characters from the Sponge Bob series. Take a closer look at Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick.

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