Great Conqueror : Rome

Version: 1.4.30
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: EasyTech
Updated: 3-02-2021, 15:14
(127 votes)
Great Conqueror : Rome - an ancient Roman strategy, created based on the legendary history of the most powerful people at that time. No one can escape this war and must take command of entire legions. Move with them through history and strive to conquer the whole world. Octavian, Julius Caesar, Spartak - all these army commanders will defend the country with you. In the course of action, the player will have to go through real ancient wars, restore historical events, conquer Africa, Asia and all of Europe. It will be a very difficult war and you will have to think a lot about victory tactics.

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  1. Sandy
    Sandy 30 July 2020 15:12
    Нет русского языка, как заявленно👎🏼