Cleon - the fall of the warrior

Version: 1.3.13
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: Gismart
Updated: 3-02-2021, 15:06
(33 votes)
Cleon - the fall of the warrior - the long-standing struggle between good and evil continues. Everything that was taught in the school of warriors is useful to you, destroy and make your way to monsters. On the way there will be a huge amount of heavy objects, they need to be destroyed and destroyed, and then face bosses. Show how fearless and strong a hero you are, use cliques as your main weapon in these battles. Adjust your character’s skills, click on the smartphone screen as often as possible and defeat opponents. You will have to jump over stones, demons and other objects. Move as far as possible and improve your punches.

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  1. Barbar
    Barbar 3 March 2020 01:09
    Клеон - падение воина классика мобильных аркад, хотелось бы побольше таких, они увлекательные и интересные. Тут есть много разных уровней, локаций, просто берешь и разбиваешь героем предметы, какими бы сложными они ни были. Я дошел до 137 уровня кто смог дальше?