Dude Theft Wars

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Poxel Studios
Updated: 19-04-2021, 21:55
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Dude Theft Wars is a unique arcade game designed for those who are tired of obeying the rules and laws. She is able to turn your whole world. Just want to and Dude Theft Wars will open the doors to a parallel universe.

Dude Theft Wars tells us about the story of the usual, no different from other guys - Jack. For a long time he lives a familiar routine life, but everything changes with the advent of the machine. Now he knows that everything can be much more fun. Just pick a car and drive. Ahead you will find drift, speed and adrenaline without time limits.

Now everyone can drift along various parts of the city: central streets, parks, small streets, squares and highways. But that's not all! Buy weapons and defend yourself! Watch others - evaluate and pursue, achieving universal recognition and glory.

Your main goal is to enjoy the moment, today! What will happen tomorrow is not important!

Try to play the game in the first person. Take part in races, earn money on cool and dangerous weapons. Learn to scatter money - now everything and everything belongs to you.

Want to shoot, no - run! It's just that now everything that a guy dreams of in real life is available to you. Stumble upon the mafia, rob the bank!

The game is provided in the form of a sandbox and fascinates the user from the first minutes thanks to the graphics and musical display. Also, it is created for any smartphone of a new generation. The main thing is enough memory and good screen resolution!

Here we go? Great things await us.

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  1. neang munireach
    neang munireach 30 August 2021 12:56
    this game is so fun