Evil Nun: Horror at School

Version: 1.7.6
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Updated: 14-04-2021, 16:25
(303 votes)
Evil Nun: Horror at school is a game where you have to survive at school, in which a merciless and evil nun reigns, which reacts to any noise and rustle. This nun is not simple, she is a mixture of grandmother and ghost that fell victim to severe illnesses and the plague. The nun will do anything to catch the living and let her experience what she herself experienced with horror and pain. You now have one task to survive in Evil Nun: Horror at school choosing different classes, a basement, an attic or an adjacent farm.

Evil Nun: Horror at school is a horror game that makes blood freeze with fear. But everyone can defend themselves. By carefully examining the rooms one after another and passing puzzles, you can collect various objects that will help stun the evil nun and leave at the most crucial moment from death. Each solved puzzle is an opportunity to avoid danger and get closer to the exit.

In this game, no one will feel lonely, because now you have one goal - to survive. In addition to the scary nun, you can see a neighbor on the way to rescue, which is no less dangerous in this game not to life but to death.

Once in the room the laundresses need to solve the mystery, what kind of children are here and are they still alive? Only one thing is clear - they cannot leave the walls of the school themselves. And where are the remaining children locked up. Their screams echo throughout the building, which tear apart the soul.

Despite the fact that today is not Halloween, the sensations are quite appropriate. If in the past, you coped with zombie monsters, then now is the time to get acquainted with a more bloodthirsty character - a nun. In the event of a first encounter with the undead, this will be the best way to test your nerves and survival skills.

The game to this day is being finalized, which allows everyone to express their opinion on its improvement and elimination of bugs. Perhaps it is your idea that will become a cult and significant in improving the gameplay.

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