Spin the drum

Version: 5.7.7
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Trivia
Google Play: Open
Developer: FunArtsStudio
Updated: 15-06-2021, 21:51
(289 votes)
Spin the drum - this is the mobile version of the famous TV show “Field of Miracles”, which has been on the first channel of Russian television for many years. Here the player can choose the appearance of his hero, the complexity of the questions, the game mode and much more. There are 3 modes in the application: a single game against a computer, a joint game on one device and a game over the network with real opponents. The number of available questions is always replenished; they are compiled in an interesting and non-obvious way. If a player can survive all 3 rounds, pass the final and win the super-game, he will have a chance to get a Car!

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    ЛенкаЛешка 2 March 2020 23:58
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    Алена 7 February 2020 18:07
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