Helix Jump

Version: 3.6.0
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: VOODOO
Updated: 25-03-2021, 13:01
(199 votes)
Helix Jump is a new addictive game that can lure any user. It is provided in the form of a spiral tower of a labyrinth where you need to hold a ball and not fall into a trap. Significant visual effects in Helix Jump allow you to more diversify the gameplay.

Helix Jump pleases, not only with a unique appearance, but also with a significant number of levels to complete. The application is easy to understand, but at the same time demanding to fulfill all conditions. Now players will have to take the place of a small ball making its way through the labyrinths of spirals. Your main task is to get to the very top of the tower, earning not only your own rating, but also breaking the record of others.

The game is set in the form of basic platforms for passing. It seems that you are about to finish, but the game is addictive with a new level, which creates new turns.

Thanks to a significant palette, color changes not only the ball, but also the spirals, which in no way are repeated in every sense. Management in the game takes place in the form of movement of the platform itself, while the ball remains in one place. The main task is to react in time and move the spiral in the right direction.

With the passage of a certain level, inversion occurs. The platform management is changing and moving to the right changes position in the opposite direction. Each level becomes more difficult, which confirms the emergence of new elements in the form of yellow boards. The exact number of levels is unknown. Developers are constantly engaged in improving the interface and developing new levels. Currently there are more than 3,000 levels.
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