Critical Ops

Version: 1.24.0.f1375
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Shooting games
Google Play: Open
Updated: 13-04-2021, 21:16
(120 votes)
Critical Ops is a modern first-person shooter in which victory in a battle depends only on the skill of the player. Boost skills, gain experience and go to the decisive battle. On which side to be, terrorists or law enforcement officers, each user decides for himself.

Exciting battles between real players from around the world are waiting for their winners. The most famous fighters will be on the leaderboard, and the heroes who proudly lead it will be honored and praised. You can play both in solo mode and in a group with friends. To eliminate the enemy, a wide selection of weapons is presented, from low-powered pistols to rifles piercing strong armor.

Critical Ops is distinguished by the lack of the ability to purchase gaming privileges besides the external effects of weapons that do not play in any way on the gameplay. The developers declare that they intend to always adhere to such a system, because the main thing in their creation is the ability of each player to show the true skill of virtual shooting and tactical tricks.

Here you can join clans and conduct closed battles. In quick play mode, opponents are selected according to a similar skill level, which optimally balances the forces. At the moment, there are 3 types of competitions: disposal - one team is tasked with installing a bomb and letting it explode, while the second is trying to stop it; arms race - players use all types of weapons in turn; battle to the death - the team wins by the number of kills.

The world of Critical Ops is constantly evolving - new modes come and updates with updates, game performance improves, functionality and visual effects are added. Fighting is becoming more fun and interesting.
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