Art of Conquest: The Dark Horizon

Version: 1.24.12
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Lilith Games
Updated: 31-01-2021, 13:47
(99 votes)
Art of Conquest: The Dark Horizon is an exciting new strategy for gadgets in which you will collect armies, get resources and gain significant victories on the lands of a fictional ancient continent. Gather your strength and embark on an exciting adventure to meet new challenges.

Create a team of experienced fighters and destroy the most dangerous dragons, besiege enemy castles and make your kingdom the greatest in history of all time. In the colorful diverse areas of the unique fictional world of Art of Conquest: Dark horizon, the player will find many exciting challenges, to pass some of them you will need to pump your fighters well. Each war in the detachment has its own characteristics, using and combining correctly which can achieve victory even in the most difficult battle. Find like-minded players among players around the world and try your luck in raids on dragon lairs - there you can find the egg of an ancient giant and grow your own dragon.

In the game you can choose from five races, in the armies which have hundreds of strong warriors, always ready to rush into battle. Large-scale battles are breathtaking, so gamers like to spend time in Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon. Here you can fight not only against opponents controlled by artificial intelligence, but also challenge the characters of real people to battle. Defeating them is much more difficult, but the reward for such a victory is much more valuable. Grandiose battles between players require special preparation, so you should not meditate in them without a good army. Only the strongest of all the valiant warriors will be able to become rulers of all six kingdoms and forever write their names in the annals of time.

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