Summoners War: Sky Arena

Version: 6.2.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Com2uS
Updated: 31-01-2021, 13:31
(298 votes)
Summoners War: Sky Arena is a new role-playing game about the fabulous world of magic, which has already managed to win millions of fans around the world. Here, players are waiting for majestic magicians, evil monsters, mysterious runes, fun communication and many other interesting moments.

The heavenly arena is looking for its winner. Choose from more than two dozen unique sets of runes and build a subtle strategy. In Summoners War: Sky Arena, only the strongest spellcasters measure their strength. Defeat your enemies in dynamic battles, go to mysterious dungeons, collect magic items, train monsters and more - this fabulous world can give a lot to its inhabitants. Elements of fire, water, wind, darkness and light are ready to serve only powerful magicians.

Fight in real time with your friends. Only by uniting, true warriors will be able to defeat the most powerful bosses and get legendary treasures. In a special workshop you can produce many different items that will help in battle and not only. You can also make unique higher runes, beautiful statues and much, much more.

The game Summoners War: Sky Arena is widely developed communication. Constant communication among the players makes the gameplay livelier and more interesting. It’s very easy to understand all the intricacies of working with chat, so any beginner quickly understands the essence and begins to ask his questions, getting quick answers to them. This makes learning much easier and more enjoyable. Also worth noting are regularly held promotions in the game. The authors of the project are trying in every possible way to help gamers save on game currency and receive special items in various ways. This greatly facilitates the life of both novice players and the game’s old-timers.

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  1. Sunsipan
    Sunsipan 2 March 2020 22:14
    Интересная и хорошая игра, можно играть даже без доната и легко подниматься в рейтинге. По-моему это качество Summoners War: Sky Arena является самым лучшим, ведь многие РПГ так и просят внести денег. Благодарю за возможность играть бесплатно разработчиков и вас что добавили эту игру.