Age of Magic

Version: 1.33
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Playkot LTD
Updated: 4-06-2021, 16:15
(211 votes)
Age of Magic is a turn-based strategy, the action of which develops in a fantasy world filled with magic of the forces of light and darkness. Many interesting characters with unique features are waiting for their heroes now.

Legions of demons quickly swallow worlds, and every second there is less hope of salvation. According to ancient prophecy, only the chosen one will help true magicians win in this unequal battle. There are two story companies in Age of Magic that open the way for magicians of light and darkness. Each player is free to choose his own path, and you can go through both of them, which is even more exciting.

The equipment and tokens obtained in the raids will make the characters stronger and allow them to go further in the story. Epic magic battles quickly pump heroes, so the gameplay moves rapidly, preventing gamers from getting bored. This game is fully Russified, has simple controls, convenient functionality, excellent visual and musical design. Turn-based battles will appeal to all lovers of such strategies. Many game modes make the gameplay varied and fun, allowing gamers to enjoy every minute of their stay in this amazing fictional world.

In dynamic mage fights, even experienced players will find interest in themselves. Going down to the Dungeon of Horrors or going on a long journey in search of the Valley of Treasures, the hero will be afraid to meet dangerous monsters and monsters on every journey. Victories over powerful opponents will bring more rewards, which will accelerate development and allow you to become an even more powerful wizard. The world of Age of Magic is waiting for its great magicians, ready to show the whole world incredible abilities and fight in fateful battles.

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