Left to Survive

Version: 4.6.0
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: My com B V
Updated: 14-06-2021, 21:12
(84 votes)
Left to Survive is an exciting action-shooter game in the theme of zombie apocalypse. Build fortifications, find the best weapons, destroy the army of zombies in all available ways and in every way help the survivors to live another day.

The plot of the game tells about a militia fighter trying to survive among the millions of zombies that inhabit the planet. The enemy of the hero is the organization New Republic - once intended to save humanity, it itself began to spread a deadly disease for the sake of trying to control those few who remained alive in this chaos. The dead are now used as weapons against all unwanted authorities, and the protagonist is the last hope for a brighter future for humanity.

The player will face many challenging challenges in the wide open world Left to Survive. Here you need to not only fight off zombies, but also organize attacks on the bases of other survivors for valuable resources and protect yourself. Among the many monsters represented in the game, there will also be improved walking dead - fast, armored, explosive, just huge and others. For their destruction there is an excellent arsenal of modern weapons. In their free time from battles, players will equip their bases, develop new technologies, produce weapons on them and plan further operations.

Air raids on enemy bases in Left to Survive look particularly attractive and dynamic. These are swift battles in which not only need to break into the enemy’s territory in the forehead, but also shoot the base from helicopters, destroying it to the last stone. Such exciting shootouts will appeal to all lovers of good battles in a post-apocalyptic world full of bloodthirsty zombies.

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