Romance Club - My Stories

Version: 1.0.6200
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Updated: 7-09-2020, 20:35
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Romance Club - My Stories is a place where you can create perfect stories filled with romantic events and tragedies. Let the fantasy create the most appropriate story for each character. During the process, the game Club of Romance - My Stories will give tips and tricks that will predict any action of your heroes.

Club Romance - My Stories will allow you to become the protagonist of an ideal love story. Here you are able to choose both gender and appearance of your character. Allow him to choose to kiss on a first date or to maintain the intrigue of lust. Make the heroes best friends, passionate lovers or sworn enemies.

The game allows you to create dozens of perfect stories. What will be your first?

Can you withstand all the obstacles and become the main star of Hollywood? And, of course, to meet your true love. If so, then who does the ode wake up - a passerby who accidentally saw you on the street, an ardent fan of the rising curtain or a former enemy on the set? How epic will your story be? What will tell you to choose your heart?

Or will you try your luck and in thirty days try to become a real queen and meet your true love?
Do you like passions and adventures? Create a story about a real pirate! Find the offenders, restore the glory and honor of the family. Allow yourself to plunge into the world of adventure and mystery and fall in love with the real Jack Sparrow.
  • Клуб Романтики - Мои Истории
  • Клуб Романтики - Мои Истории
  • Клуб Романтики - Мои Истории
  • Клуб Романтики - Мои Истории
  • Клуб Романтики - Мои Истории

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