Age of Z

Version: 1.2.64
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: Camel Games Inc
Updated: 8-04-2021, 20:31
(282 votes)
Age of Z is a game that tells the story of postacalyptic time. The planet is inhabited by terrible monsters - zombies. There are fewer people. Your task is to create a new association of people in Age of Z to protect them.

Age of Z is a virus that has spread widely throughout the earth. People are dying, those who were not struck by the epidemic are afraid of the zombie invasion and only you are able to save the planet from destruction, and the human race from extinction. The protagonist creates a colony - where ordinary people can find shelter and food. But everyone needs to be guided, and this will require nerves of steel and perfect endurance, because even a baby can be infected, who will have to be fished without hesitation.

To expand the territory, your hero will have to create his own team, which, at the head of you, will clear the land from cruel zombies. Destruction of enemies is the main goal. To revive the nation and preserve old knowledge, you will need to make every effort - to do this, you will need to restore entire cities and bring them into action by re-debugging the entire system with the remaining people.

Do not forget that you can join the Alliance or create your own to unite territories and forces against cruel monsters that were people recently. You should learn to survive. Select the strongest for the war, and leave the weak to work in the colony. The population of the latter should work harmoniously, because the quantity of weapons, ammunition and fuel that is so important in the fight against non-people depends on them.

It is worth remembering that one head is good, but having reliable advisers is not a bad option. To do this, you just need to choose just everything, who more you want to see next to you: a crazy scientist, a sexual scout and many others. Anyone will help not only with advice, but also with basic duties. They will become your support.

Can you save the planet and humanity, it depends only on you and your own desire, so why not check?

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