Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG

Version: 2.5.18
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Updated: 31-01-2021, 07:28
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Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG will allow you to plunge into the new world of gameplay, which is significantly different from others. Now no one will have to get bored, because before you is the new game Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG, which will allow you not to be afraid of boring gameplay ever.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG - a game that allows you to spend time in the steppes, mazes, swamps and various dungeons. Now you and your heroes can always enjoy colorful and exciting battles. Is the main player offline? The team does not rest and conducts new battles earning you fame, money and experience.

From now on, you do not need to worry about the workload of the real and the absence of the game. One has only to set up a team, choose the parameters for the game and put in an auto battle. You are offline, and the necessary gold, resources and bonuses are credited to your account and backpack.

Actively fight enemies and monsters. Show what kind of strategist you are. Pick a team with good skills, set the correct system and do not forget about strengthening everyone. Any little thing will allow you to win quickly and conveniently.

Get special rewards for completing the Dark Forest. Get armor and strengthen it in the forge. Move up the floors in the Dark Tower - the new floor will allow you to fight with a more brutal enemy, get more resources and advance in the rating ladder.
Become a member of one of the Guilds. There you can find not only new allies, but also become famous yourself. Get boosts, participate in events, help in its construction, the higher the rating of your Guild, the more glory you can get.

Take part in arena battles. Move higher, show strength, moving higher to leadership places. A good Arena rating will open up the opportunity to participate in the Trial of the Elite and the Champions League.

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