Block Strike

Version: 6.8.8
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Rexet Studio
Updated: 24-03-2021, 11:22
(268 votes)
Block Strike is a multiplayer shooter similar to the classic Counter-Strike, made in a characteristic square design of large pixels. This game does not differ in any originality, but its gameplay quickly addictive, which is quite enough for the selected genre.

The ability to use during the battle several types of weapons and its modifications makes the destruction of opponents effective and exciting. The locations for the fighting are various colorful worlds. Dynamic fights become more interesting if you play together with a proven team of friends according to a proven scheme. By training the reaction speed and exploring the capabilities of the weapons presented, of which there are more than 40 types, you can easily achieve significant results and be at the top of the rating.

Block Strike now has more than 15 modes, among which there are team battles, hunger games and the arms race, known to many fans of the genre. The appearance of weapons and characters can be changed using a large number of skins and stickers. You can find them in cases purchased for game currency, which is obtained in battles or bought in a store.

All players who are fan of Counter-Strike and Minecraft, this game will definitely go into the soul. Its developers decided not to look for complex paths, but simply issued a hit shooter in a different design. Among the many shooters of the same type, this option does not seem commonplace now, especially considering the number of fans of this application, which is growing every day. Block Strike has already become a full-fledged project that has justified its investment. And the emotions received from the gameplay speak for themselves, so that after the end of one battle, I immediately want to break into the next.
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  1. miner385
    miner385 23 March 2021 17:11
    Забавный экшен, напоминающий контру, даже карты похожие, только все квадратное. Давно хотел скачать блок страйк и поиграть – на этом сайте быстро нашел игру и сразу скачал, установил и теперь люблю побегать пострелять.