Survival on raft: Survival on a raft

Version: 211
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Survival
Google Play: Open
Updated: 10-02-2021, 21:37
(202 votes)
Survival on raft: Survival on a raft is a game that will share the story of the crash. The main character survived, but the rest of the passengers did not. Now he has to try to return to the earth and discover civilization. But for this it is necessary to build your raft and surf the ocean on it. Travel and fight sharks that can attack at any time. To survive, you have to do incredible things. Create a raft according to your wishes, hammer in nails and it can become a full-fledged house. When the shark attacks the raft, hit it, let it go as far as possible. The creative mode of this survival knows almost no boundaries, it will be very entertaining.

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