Guild of Heroes

Version: 1.104.4
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Developer: BIT GAMES
Updated: 18-12-2020, 13:22
(174 votes)
The Guild of Heroes is a new fantasy with all the attributes that are classic for this genre: here are elves, gnomes, orcs, trolls, bloody battles, fairy magic, interesting tasks and much more.

Dangerous monsters and magnificent dragons threaten your world. The Great Magician convened a council seeking the true heroes of magic and sword. It is time to take up arms and protect our native lands. In this medieval fictional world, magic collides with steel, and hordes of bloodthirsty monsters are ready to take over the world at any second. Game Guild of Heroes is waiting for their brave warriors and powerful magicians, ready to defend the honor of the kingdom.

In addition to fabulous creatures under the control of artificial intelligence, the player on the way will meet the characters of other players, ready to help in the battle. Team up with them in a guild and fight shoulder to shoulder. To improve the heroes, you can use special craft items that can be well strengthened on the battlefield. Much depends on the right equipment, so you need to choose it wisely.

In battles against monsters, players will go through many colorful locations. A convenient system for pumping characters makes their development simple and exciting - skills can be changed, sold and bought. The game has a free change of classes, not binding to the pumping of some of them. Teaming up with other players, you can test your strengths in battles with strong bosses, for which they give decent rewards. The Guild of Heroes application was created for RPG fans in the style of the notorious Diablo game, which there are a lot of around the world. The familiar camera, gameplay, inventory system and much more will please both experienced players who are already familiar with it, and beginners in the world of such games.

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