World War Heroes: Military Shooter

Version: 1.23.2
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Shooting games
Google Play: Open
Updated: 11-12-2020, 08:11
(140 votes)
World War Heroes are excellent virtual battles on tanks with many interesting modes and dynamic battles. Take part in the battles of heavy equipment against a colorful background of streets of various cities of the planet, smash the enemy with a mass of weapons options, set bombs and defend them until a significant victory - here all tank lovers will find something interesting for themselves. You should plunge into this atmospheric game with great graphics and high-class special effects at least once. Equipment from different countries, significant battlefields of the Second World War, and exciting battles are waiting for their heroes.

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  1. Gavroh
    Gavroh 20 January 2021 18:47
    Полная реализма игра, военный шутер, стрельба, много оружия времен Второй Мировой и самое главное мощный мультиплеер. Я постоянно побеждаю наверняка мои соперники считают меня лучшим воином. 
  2. hfhjwij34hh
    hfhjwij34hh 7 November 2020 13:00
    Очень сильно понравилась игра World War Heroes: Военный шутер, просто скачал на телефон и запустил, теперь не могу отлипнуть от экрана, графика просто класс, да и сюжет вполне приличный