Muse Dash

Version: 1.3.2
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Music
Google Play: Open
Developer: X D Network
Updated: 30-01-2021, 21:27
(234 votes)
Muse Dash is a game enticing with its graphics and rhythms. She became one of the v most popular music games, and thanks to animated drawings in the Japanese style, she completely presented the opportunity to feel like a real hero. Despite the fact that most people do not like to show musical talents, Muse Dash allows you to get rid of this complex once and for all.

Muse Dash is created for players from different countries. Therefore, the developers approached subtly to the creation of the main character. Users can choose one of the prototypes - these are Rin, Barium and Buro. Each of them will allow melt the ice in the heart of the most callous and inveterate gamer, because they are filled with love and a pretty look.

For each girl, 4 types of clothes were created - suits. Each of them has various properties that help to learn additional privileges and bonuses in passing the game. It is important that one of Rin’s costumes allows you to simply listen to music collections without the need to complete a task.

Despite the fact that the appearance of the characters is frank about the process of the game, this cannot be said. The developers chose special clothes to attract the attention of both men and girls.

In addition, the game has 8 elves, which help in the passage of the game.

The storyline, as such, is absent, since the game is provided in the form of a musical booster and requires just a pleasant pastime and attraction.

To increase the level and gain experience, it is necessary to complete tasks that are based on the passage of the song. Depending on the complexity and quality of execution, the player receives a star rating and experience.

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