Peace Death

Version: 1.9.5
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: AZAMATIKA
Updated: 10-10-2020, 17:15
(145 votes)
Peace Death is a game that allows you to feel yourself in the thick of bloody events, but you should be careful, because death is haunting you. The genre of arcade simulations allows Peace Death to fully reveal the potential of the protagonist.

Peace Death Lets feel like a new reaper, Death. Before you open a new world, the bottom to become a full-fledged reaper, you must take the "course of young death", similar to an internship for a period of seven weeks.

Passing tasks to the new reaper, it is necessary to correctly determine the human soul. "Where to send you to Hell or Paradise?" - this is the main question of the protagonist. So, you can meet a man on his way that holds a gun tightly in chickens. Everything seems to be simple: his road is Hell, but is it for sure? Suddenly he will change his mind and drop his weapon. And now the work brings you with a pretty lady in a hat, it seems that she should go to heaven, but is it for sure? Try to take off your hat, what if horns grow there?

Each level provides more complex tasks that require you to look in depth and not on the surface. After all, having made several mistakes, you can easily fly out of the ranks of the Reapers.

In addition, you are waiting for additional tasks from mentors and spies, funny conversations with clients. Each situation is designed so that the main character can get not only experience, but also a lot of bonuses and prizes, for a job well done.
This is not just a game. You can hang into it indefinitely - this is what so many dreamed of. High-quality graphics, musical accompaniment, unique drawing and detailing only fuels interest in the gameplay. Can you become a real reaper, the best student and henchman of death? It all depends on you!

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