Pianizer - a self-taught piano for beginners

Version: 4.06
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Apps / Education
Google Play: Open
Developer: Pianizator
Updated: 15-12-2020, 18:47
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The pianist is a self-taught piano for beginner musicians. If you want to play this chic and even legendary instrument, then you should start right from this application. Thus, you will cease to be afraid of the piano and will soon be able to start real training. Learn to play the simplest ringtones with your fingers on the smartphone screen. A large number of different fragments from legendary performers are collected here. The whole sound is as realistic as possible, you can press keys and play tunes. Once you're done, listen to what happened just by clicking on the button.

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  1. Создатель Пианизатора
    Создатель Пианизатора 25 April 2020 20:58

    Вот это неверно. Такую функцию я не делал
    Все звучание максимально реалистичное, вы сможете жать клавиши и воспроизводить мелодии. После того как закончите, прослушайте что получилось, просто нажав на кнопку.