Version: 21.1.2
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Tortuga Ltd
Updated: 9-12-2020, 18:29
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Avaland is a social virtual world, fans of games like The Sims will be left with content. A completely open world, it is full of people, pets and modes. Enjoy such a colorful world, realistic graphics and many items for the decor. Try to become the best, find a job, develop a trendy style, chat through friends with friends, enjoy the beautiful places of the big city and much more. It is very interesting to go through a career, it is diverse and breathtaking from actions in the development of the profession. Free choice of styles, dress as you like, do not listen to anyone, you are the mistress of your world.

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  1. Лолита
    Лолита 3 March 2020 01:34
    Социальные игры мое пристрастие, особенно такие яркие и красочные. В Avaland мы играем всеми девочками, хочется подметить дружественную атмосферу, чат для общения и много одежды, наконец у меня появилась возможность самой придумывать стиль для своей героини.