Fun Race 3D

Version: 1.7.5
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Racing
Google Play: Open
Developer: Good Job Games
Updated: 19-12-2020, 18:37
(220 votes)
Fun Race 3D is another game from those guys who gave you Run Race 3D. This is a game about parkour, and you have to go through a large number of interesting and difficult levels, compete with other runners, achieve various achievements, discover new characters and much more. With each level you will receive more and more pleasure. The game is very easy to manage - all you need to do is keep your finger on the screen when you want the staff to run and remove it, when you need to stop - this is all you need to know in order to effectively manage the character in Fun Race 3D.

Fun Race 3D will force you to mobilize all your efforts and test your ability to overcome various obstacles. Become a real champion, avoiding obstacles and coming to the finish line as soon as possible. However, the game is not only about avoiding obstacles such as a boxing glove or a moving box. First of all, you need to try to overtake your computer opponent and come first to the finish line.

In order to successfully play such a game, you need to consider some important points. You will have to move not just fast, but very fast. Nevertheless, you should not rush forward headlong from the start. At some levels, this is calculated, and those obstacles that you encounter first will immediately kill you. Therefore, it is worth looking at the nature of their movement before rushing forward.

Often you have to accurately calculate your start time and do not stop - the only way you can pass a certain lane.

The game has many additional features. For example, you can further increase the attractiveness of the game by changing the appearance of your character with the help of special skins and victory dances.

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  1. Лолита
    Лолита 3 March 2020 01:39
    Мне понравилась эта игра основанная на физическом движке и со Стикменами. В Fun Race 3D меня поджидало множество сложных уровней, все они полны веселья и я рекомендую каждому принять участие в таком долгом забеге с массой препятствий и трудностей. Герои лазают по лестницам, уворачиваются от булыжников, идут по канатам. 

    Игра с физикой и соревнованиями онлайн, для победы нужно бежать по трассе к финишу и обходить препятствия. Это какое то безумие, испытания в Fun Race 3D настолько захватывают дух, что ты хочешь продолжать дальше и не можешь оторваться. Некоторые соперники настолько сильные, чтобы опередить их сложно.