Game of Thrones Conquest

Version: 3.8.349411
Requirements: Android 6.0+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Updated: 11-09-2020, 10:30
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Game of Thrones Conquest is a mobile game that captivates events from the legendary Song of Ice and Fire series by J.R. R. Martin. By the way, the idea for the application was not just books, but a well-known television series. There are RPG elements in this strategy, which makes the gameplay even more intense and fun. A serious war flares up for the throne of the ruler of the first people and Andals, and it depends only on the player whether his character can challenge the attempts of opponents to seize power. Game of Thrones Conquest offers with a sharp sword and a smart word to make your dynasty prosperous and great.

Game of Thrones Conquest will allow you to come up with your own great house with a coat of arms, and thanks to a competent strategy, give him the future. How does it feel to become Lord of Westeros? On the way to the iron throne of the user are waiting for such features:
The right to get your own dragon and grow a relict fire-breathing monster from a young lizard.
Meetings with cult characters from the television series.
More than a hundred regions are open for conquest. Among them are the Royal Harbor, Winterfell and others.
The more lands the player controls, the more powerful his dynasty is.

Players need to find the optimal balance between building up military power and economic development. Only then will your dynasty be able to repulse the impudent lord and annex new lands. The game also has a system of equipment - creating epic armor, you can increase your chances in the struggle for power.

In addition to the excellent combat component, the application offers the use of intrigues and alliances to achieve its goal. Your friends will also help. In the hands of the players there are many tools that will help to make the name of the great house in the annals of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Игра престолов Conquest
  • Игра престолов Conquest
  • Игра престолов Conquest
  • Игра престолов Conquest
  • Игра престолов Conquest

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