Heroes Charge

Version: 2.1.235
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Google Play: Open
Developer: uCool
Updated: 10-09-2020, 22:17
(160 votes)
Heroes Charge is a dynamic action RPG that sends a player on a journey through a spacious and beautiful open world called Cron. Create your heroes, develop them and go to destroy enemies.

Train your team of invincible warriors, go through many interesting tasks with valuable rewards, fight with a bunch of enemies for recognition - this project allows the gamer to come off to the fullest. The versatility of the world of Heroes Charge is felt all along the way of creating a hero, when you can choose from as many as 50 types of fighters, be it strong and hardy melee wars, cunning and well-aimed archers or skilled magicians.

The development and improvement of the abilities of their characters, together with finding the optimal uniform, allows each hero to be endowed with enormous power. You can participate in numerous battles both alone and in the company of friends. Having gathered like-minded people, it is better to organize a guild and go to battle with other similar communities of players. A well-developed system of events allows you to diversify the gameplay and earn additional rewards.

Today Heroes Charge is one of the most popular MMORPGs on mobile devices. This is understandable, because it includes many interesting characters with their abilities, a bunch of various items, an entertaining leveling system, the presence of guilds, battles in the arena, diverse dungeons with powerful bosses, hidden treasures that everyone wants to take hold of, and a lot of other things. Here, each player will find something familiar and attractive for himself. This is the secret to the success of modern games, as evidenced by the widespread success of the application among players. A huge army of fans of the project only continues to grow every day.
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