BlockVille Bridge builder Physics puzzle

Version: 2.8
Requirements: Android 4.3+
Category: Games / Puzzle
Google Play: Open
Developer: AppQuiz
Updated: 9-06-2020, 19:00
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BlockVille Bridge builder Physics puzzle - a puzzle whose goal is to transport products from the farm or animals. Engage in the second part of the work on the ranch and become a driver, the main thing along the way is not to lose anything and bring in integrity and safety. More than 40 exciting levels, all not based on a realistic physics engine. Pick up the steering wheel from the tractor and slide on it from the hills, overcome the jumps, increase the speed and deliver the products exactly on time. Players will have to think for themselves what to do in order to continue the journey. Use the blocks and install them so that you can freely overcome obstacles on the tractor.

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