Escapists 2: Pocket Escape

Version: 1.10.681181
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Updated: 7-10-2020, 15:36
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Escapists 2: Pocket Escape is a fun and addictive strategy game that develops the multifaceted theme of jailbreak. The continuation of the famous series will tell many unique stories, in each of which the player’s character will have to get out of prison, overcoming dangerous obstacles and trials.

And again, the player will be forced to explore the vast multi-story prison in search of inconspicuous weaknesses in its defense system. When setting off for reconnaissance through ventilation or dark underground tunnels, it is always necessary to remember that prison life goes according to its schedule, including roll calls, working hours, walks and everything else. If suddenly the security of someone is not counted, the escape will be failed, and all preparations will have to be started anew.

Dreams of freedom drive every prisoner. And in Escapists 2: Pocket Escape, it is they who will help true lovers of complex puzzles to realize the long-planned escape and finally enjoy the desired taste of freedom. It’s not always convenient for one to plan such an event - the corporate regime opens up the possibility of mass escape, which is even more interesting and more difficult.

In this version of the prison simulator, a lot of new features have been worked out that make the gameplay even more attractive. For newcomers to escape, there are prisons with poor security, and for time-tested repeat offenders real fortresses are provided where every corner is carefully monitored. In Escapists 2: Pocket Escape, you can buy and exchange things, and no one canceled the extraction of values ​​in battles. To solve serious problems often require considerable mental abilities, so pumping the character’s skills will not only in the gym, but also in the library. The only crime here is to refuse to escape.
  • Escapists 2: Карманный побег
  • Escapists 2: Карманный побег
  • Escapists 2: Карманный побег
  • Escapists 2: Карманный побег
  • Escapists 2: Карманный побег

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