Knowledge Base for WoT

Version: 10.4.4
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Evgenii Bryl
Updated: 23-09-2020, 21:21
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Knowledge Base for WoT - detailed and most detailed information about all existing tanks in the world. Here their speed characteristics, the work of many nodes, engine, guns and naturally fighting power are indicated. Users will also be able to get information about game cards, combat achievements, and finally, about crew skills. This includes more than a hundred different tanks from the greatest game, and you will be happy with it. To work with the application does not require a network connection. Users will receive information about skills, abilities, open a huge number of cards, learn about their achievements for the entire game.
  • База знаний для WoT
  • База знаний для WoT
  • База знаний для WoT
  • База знаний для WoT

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