Leo's Fortune

Version: 1.0.7
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Adventure
Google Play: Open
Updated: 30-01-2021, 20:24
(246 votes)
Leo's Fortune - is one of the iconic games based on the Android platform and has a new generation of graphic playback. Most users with full confidence note that Leo's Fortune is a work of game art that intertwines the beauty of the art and music world.

Leo's Fortune is a game where the protagonist is provided as a promising engineer named Leopold. He was happy and successful, but one day he regretted his carelessness, all his gold was stolen by unknown envious and thieves.

The hero is presented in the form of a cute and shaggy ball of green. He is so helpless, at first glance, that he is deprived of the most necessary - hands. He set a goal - to find the stolen wealth, because he honestly sought the state and recognition of the world around him, rising from the very slums.

The game is composed of 20 exciting levels that are equally distributed in the storyline, divided into five episodes. In addition, the player has the opportunity to open new levels that are not related to the main plot, but have a very interesting subtext. To do this, Leonardo will need to work hard and score the maximum number of points.

Levels are created by type of speed, not quality. The main task is to go through the location as quickly as possible. Each time the engineer will have a timer, which mercilessly counts the approach of the end. Can you become the most hardy and fastest? Worth checking out.

Passing each level has a special system that displays the result in the form of stars. To set the maximum quantity you need:
during the race to collect all the stars;
pass the level without deaths;
complete all tasks within the minimum time (as indicated on the timer, in the corner of the screen);

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