Jurassic Survival

Version: 2.7.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Updated: 9-09-2020, 18:17
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Jurassic Survival is a mysterious island that inhabits hordes of predatory dinosaurs. Each of them dreams about one thing to try your hot flesh and feast on her during a feast. You are defenseless in Jurassic Survival, you were left alone - without food, clothes and protective equipment.

Jurassic Survival is a game that makes you survive all the dangers and survive. Dying from hunger and cold, the main character will have to do his best to get food and fire without falling into the eyes of bloodthirsty monsters. But do not forget that there is a dangerous and dark night ahead - you will need to try to find the necessary material for the construction of a shelter.

It is worth making every effort to get used to this island. To do this, you are able to do anything - to unite with other unfortunate players to strengthen their positions or cruelly deceive them by stealing necessary supplies and materials. Conscience in this game does not exist, only the desire to survive in this wild and dangerous place.

You don’t always have to hide! Having gained strength, you will be able to realize that a dinosaur is an animal that can be tamed. Occupation is quite dangerous, but also profitable. Flying animals will help you to transfer the required number of logs without obstacles, and bloodthirsty tyrannosaurs will not only protect you, but will also have fun, attacking greedy neighbors that they wish the death of everyone who does not obey them.

Remember a few rules:
your home is your support;
food, water and clothing are the main resource for survival;
armor and protection are the way to success. Everyone can drive small lizards, but it is not so simple to resist the sworn enemy;

Create a village! If you are not a bloodthirsty thief and do not want to be a hermit, then unite with others to create a large village. In any case, how to survive is only your choice and no other!
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