Test "How stupid are you?"

Version: 34
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Trivia
Google Play: Open
Developer: Ahaha
Updated: 12-09-2020, 16:32
(73 votes)
Test "How stupid are you?" - This is a kind of application that allows everyone to quickly test their intellectual abilities in a comic form. The results of this test should not be taken seriously. Or is it worth it - it’s not known, what if you are too dumb to understand this? There are no ordinary questions about love for girls or cars for boys. Check yourself or your friends and finally find out - which of you is still the most stupid. Perhaps you are all equally dumb and that is why you are together. A bunch of non-standard questions with a twist can easily determine the degree of dullness of anyone who dares to enter this application.

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