Battle Arena

Version: 5.1.6216
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Google Play: Open
Developer: RED BRIX WALL
Updated: 11-09-2020, 10:21
(14 votes)
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is an excellent combination of tactics and action, allowing the player to fully demonstrate the talent of the commander and deal with any enemies. An amazing fictional world and battles with characters of other players in real time are waiting for their heroes.

One of the main goals in the game is to upgrade your characters. This is logical, because strong pumped heroes can defeat the respective opponents and are significantly better at fighting in other players. In battles in the arena, tower or company, a maximum of 5 characters is allowed. They are located on the field automatically, depending on their role and the prescribed line. There are several roles in the Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure - tank, specialist, killer and healer. Each role has its own characteristics and more developed characteristics. Having correctly selected the characters in the squad, you can quickly pump them and go to more serious battles with big rewards.

Take the risk to challenge players from all over the world and prove that you are truly a worthy warrior. Real-time battles with the strongest opponents will help to temper any fighter and will give new experience and good prizes. In such epic battles, it is important not only to have skilled fighters in the squad, but also to properly coordinate their actions to achieve the optimal result. Players will enjoy excellent graphics - gorgeous elven forests, snowy cliffs of gnomes, a soaring Arena, scorched Orc lands and many other beauties of the amazing world of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. This game is easy to learn, with convenient functionality and huge opportunities for the development of your hero. Many gamers are breathtaking of her, so the army of her fans is growing inexorably every day.

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  1. gasparov
    gasparov 3 March 2020 01:16
    Не люблю тратить много времени на игры, поэтому сделал свой выбор в пользу Battle Arena, ведь здесь проводя автобои, в которых вы практически не принимаете участия. Важно только качать своих мифических персонажей, отправлять их на поле боя и устраивать настоящее безумие.