Fixies Games for Toddlers: In-game training

Version: 2.1
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Child games
Google Play: Open
Updated: 28-11-2019, 12:00
(61 votes)
Fixies Games for Toddlers: In-game training - puzzles, adventures and many mini-games for kids that can have fun and be entertained in the process of completing tasks. Discover the world through a game form will be much more interesting. Fixies will tell the child what is in the kitchen, how the appliances work here and what they know how to do. Then it will be possible to visit other rooms.

Fixics will be able to teach the child absolutely everything, show how to play correctly on musical instruments, help to learn about the rules of caring for pets, and that's not all. Everything that was told can be checked at the end thanks to tasks and tests.

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